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Dry clean

Be it silk sarees, suits, formal/designer wears or any other sensitive fabrics, our dry cleaning process ensures quality cleaning retaining the richness, texture and colour of the garments utilizing specialized dry cleaning machines and finishing equipments. We utilize organic solvents to ensure the process is eco-friendly and give the best results.

Wet wash

We utilize modern wet cleaning techniques using high quality detergents and additives to ensure your garments are wet cleaned and processed in a hygienic and quality manner. The processed garments are quality checked and finished using appropriate finishing-equipments to give it the fresh look.

Steam press

Our experienced staffs, utilizing the most modern finishing equipments, provide pressing and finishing services for your garments of any type and meet your specification and requirements

Wedding wears

We make your auspicious occasion of marriage memorable by providing specialized cleaning and packing of your wedding dresses. Bridal gowns represent a significant financial investment, and families want to store and protect their gowns for future generations. We understand fully the importance of preservation, and possess the expertise to protect and retain the shine and beauty of your garments for passing it in to the next generation.

Home fabrics

We fully understand the worth of your expensive carpets, curtains, rugs and other fabric-based household articles, and endeavor to apply the right hygienic cleaning techniques that restore their original shine and diminishing the effects of allergens produced by household mites.

Stain removal

Leveraging our years of experience and expertise in fabric care, use of imported special solvents and utilizing spotting equipments we are able to treat and remove most disastrous-looking stains (ink, blood, grease, paint, etc.) and restore the garments back to its original form.

Starch finish

We offer starching service for garments to give it a crisp finish. Glazed surface of a starched cotton garment helps it retain the stiff finish longer.


Garments and fabrics can be specially treated to maintain the whiteness and shine to give it a bright and fresh look.


We undertake darning and minor repair service to restore your damaged garments.


We offers small volume custom colour fabric and garment dyeing services. All of our precision dyeing and colour matching work is done by hand.

Premium packing

Each garment is returned to you store fresh, packed wrinkle-free on hangers with specialized accessories to ensure they are fully protected. We also act upon special packing instructions that you may have.


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